Saatva Mattress Reviews, Complaints & Discount 2018

Are you looking for A Luxury Innerspring Mattress without breaking the Bank?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Today we have brought Saatva Mattress reviews for you along with its comparison with famous brands. We will also talk about various consumer reports and complaints.

Let’s have a quick look at our ratings for various parameters -





Motion Transfer






Edge Support




Value For Money


Care & Maintenance

Saatva is no doubt a Luxury innerspring mattress, value for money option coupled with great trial and warranty terms. It has impressed us a lot with the given price point. You are getting the same luxury experience at just a fraction of the cost. You should really keep it as an option if you are considering to buy a luxury innerspring Mattress.



Best Saatva Mattress Features

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Before starting on our review, we would like to describe the Options which you would get with this brand and their respective price.

So Let’s start with The Various Options. Saatva mattress comes in –

  • 3 Firmness Models
  • 2 Height Options (14.5” Tall & 11.5” Tall)


It is worthwhile to elaborate on various firmness variants available as that will help in to choose the right mattress for you. So Here you go-

1.) Plush Soft is most suitable for those who are big-time side sleepers.

2.) Luxury Firm is the most popular variant as it has the same comfort level you would find in the finest hotels. It provides the same comfort level for the side, stomach or back sleepers or in short, combination sleepers.

3.) Firm is for those guys who sleep on their back or stomach and love to float on their mattress and not be sink into it.






38" x 75"


Twin XL

38" x 80"



54" x 75"



60" x 80"



76" x 80"


California King

72" x 84"


As stated above, all of the above mattresses comes with two height options 14.5” Tall & 11.5” Tall. But that will not have any effect on the price and neither on the Feel, Comfort, etc.

Hey, you already knew the above boring stuff?

Well, we know you are not here for the above information and want to know about the mattress in detail and want to know our opinion about each aspect. So Let’s dive in-

First of All, we will Talk about the Formation of this mattress(how they are made of) as that will help in understanding it's suitability. Here is the layer By layer Formation breakup of saatva mattresses-

1st/Top Layer – This layer is a comfort layer. It is euro-style pillow top that is stuffed with the finest wadding material. The pillow top is encased in an organic cover made of cotton. It is about 2 inches thick. This gives you a nice feel and extra pressure relief.

2nd Layer – This layer is made of Laminated Memory foam which provides lumbar support. This feature provides progressive levels of pressure relief that targets stress and tension in the lower back.

3rd layer – This layer is for added comfort & support. This layer is made of individually wrapped micro coils. This helps in contouring and support.

4th layer – This layer uses High profile traditional steel coils to provides deep support for all body weights.  There are 416 individual coils (Queen size).

Edge support– The mattress is surrounded by a foam encasement for better edge support. It gives you the freedom to sleep close to the edge without any second thought.

Have you got confused with those techy terms?  

You don’t have to. Let us help you in deciding the suitability of these mattresses-


  • Are A Combination Sleeper
  • Love Sleeping Cool
  • Want Innerspring Feel
  • check
    Want Good support with bounce
  • check
    Want to Stay on top of the Mattress
  • Want Luxury in Budget
  • Want Quality Material with Fine Construction


  • Like Feel of Memory Foam
  • Side sleeper with weight Below 160 lbs
  • Prefer Softer Mattress
  • Needs a Bed-In-A-Box

Now we would like to Talk about each and every aspect of these mattresses. How these will have a positive and negative effect for you.

So let’s start with the long List of Our Tests-



The euro top provides a soft feel, but the coils below that add solid firmness. It makes it a good fit for average weighted persons in all sleeping positions. While laying on the back, the top layers pressed up into the lumbar area.

While laying on the side, this provides excellent pressure relief. The euro top offers a very soft feel on the shoulders and hips, resulting in very little pressure. This also provides excellent support on the stomach.

The initial soft feeling is quickly followed by the quick response from coils below, which results in decent bounce as well.


Motion Transfer

We are sure that you want to know how much motion transfer you will feel while your partner also shares your mattress.

Compared to memory foam, which has better motion absorbing capabilities, you will feel the motion transfer being it’s an Innerspring mattress.

But it is also worthwhile to state here that it has a decent motion transfer and you won’t have an annoying motion transfer feeling.


Sinkage Level

Although Top Layer provides a bit sinkage initially the coils underneath reverse it immediately which means you will always feel on top of the mattress and not sink into it.

To provide you with a better understanding, we would like to quote here the results of sleepopolis-



When it comes to choosing a perfect mattress, the temperature is one of the most significant points to consider. Saatva has done an excellent job in this department. It has kept a separation between various layers which doesn’t allow heat trap.

Two Sets of Coils along with Cotton Encase of Pillow Top allow decent airflow across the mattress which helps to keep the Temperature to Minimum. It will keep you cool while sleeping.


Edge Support

If you are planning to share your mattress with your partner, you are most likely going to use the entire surface. In those cases, it becomes essential to consider the edge support you mattress offers.

As we stated above, Saatva has provided a foam encasement around the edge specifically for a better Edge Support.

Better edge support gives you peace of mind against rolling of the bed while sleeping near the edges.



Saatva Mattresses are constructed in the USA with High Quality of Material and finest construction technology.

The company claims it’s serviceable life to be 12+ Years which we think is almost double of what other competitors provide with comparable comfort and luxury.

When compared with foam and spring mattress, it will last for almost three times more.


Value For Money

Perhaps Saatva is the only brand which provides the same Luxury Innerspring comfort but charges only fraction of what other competitors charge.

At this pricing point, It is the best option available for innerspring.


Care & Maintenance

It doesn’t require any special care & maintenance. It is recommended to rotate (not flip) it once a year. While rotating, you should use the help of another person as it is quite heavier to move by one person.

In case, it becomes soiled, use a damp sponge with warm water & a bit antibacterial soap. You should use the minimum amount of water as it can saturate with excess water. 


While reading opinions & questions of buyers on the web, we came across to quite interesting Questions. So we are going to answer them here as you might also have them in mind now or in future-

Does it Smell like other Mattresses When New?

Does it Need a Foundation?

Does it Need a Mattress Pad?

How Company Delivers the Mattress and what is White Glove Delivery?

Their Guarantee Terms are quite Confusing

Consumer’s Reviews, Feedback & Complaints

We researched the web and analyzed the buyer’s response. We found 15000+ positive reviews for this mattress. We also found some negative reviews as well. So here we are summarizing all those positive & negative feedbacks for your consideration-


  • Durable
  • Value For Money
  • Decent Motion Transfer
  • check
    Suitable for Combination Sleepers


  • Not for those who like the feel of memory foam
  • Mattress being too firm or soft
  • Some complaints of sleeping hot

Most of the negatives are perhaps from those buyers who didn’t research the product before buying. We have already disclosed those facts in our review.


We have tried to answer all of the questions which you might have but if you found some questions unanswered then feel free to post it in the comment section below or contact us. We will be happy to answer it for you.

It’s time to conclude. 

Read Final Words Here.

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